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Broken Silver is a type of Shou Pu'erh, which is a fermented black tea. It is picked from wild tea trees on Bulang Mountain, Yunnan.


Named after its likeliness to ancient silver coins from old Chinese Dynasties, Broken Silver is a truly unique tea. It is infused with Nuo Mi Xiang leaves (the traditional South East Asian herb), which literally translates to 'sticky rice fragrance'. 


The flavour is reminiscent of red bean dessert and sweet glutinous rice, with the profile being creamy, thick, and chocolate-y.


Harvest: March

Tea Cultivar: No idea - the trees are ancient and wild, after all!

Origin: Yunnan, China

Cultivation: Mixed

Processing: Withered, Oxidised (for 4 weeks), Steamed, Compressed, Shaped, Dried

Broken Silver Pu'erh

  • Just 1g of Broken Silver Pu'erh can be rebrewed up to 5 times without losing any flavour (occasionally we brew it 7 times!) 


    This means that you can make over 250 brews with 50g working out at less than 6p per cup!