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You are currently looking at the world's first Welsh Cake tea!


Taking inspiration from the wonderful Welsh cake, we have created a mouth-watering tea which is sure to brighten up any part of your day.


Popular since the 1900's, Welsh cakes are a little like a cross between a cookie, a scone, and a pancake. Present in almost every household across Wales, there's clearly a reason why they're such a staple of Welsh cuisine!


The flavour profile of this tea is similar to that of an actual Welsh Cake: sweet, warm, cinnamon-y... and a little fruity! 


Tea Harvest: First, Second, and Third Flush

Tea Cultivar: S3, Tinali-17, and TV-22

Origin: Naharkatia, Assam, India

Cultivation: Sun-Grown

Processing: Withered, Rolled, Oxidised, Dried

Welsh Cake Tea

  • You can re-brew our Welsh Cake Tea three times before the flavour starts to weaken. This means that by using 5g per cup, you can make over 30 brews from this one tube - working out at just 36.6p per cup!