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Assam is one of the primary tea-growing areas in India, and is home to the indigenous camellia sinensis var. assamica plant. Unlike its Chinese cousin, this tea plant has much larger leaves - making it perfect for black tea!


Our classic Assam black tea is everything that you're looking for. A rarity in the Assamese tea industry, these leaves are full, unbroken, and handcrafted in the 'orthodox' way.


This results in a flavour profile which is deep, bold, brisk, and slightly malty... and is sure to become a family favourite!


For all the Brits out there - this tea also goes well with milk ;)


Harvest: First, Second, and Third Flush

Tea Cultivar: S3, Tinali-17, and TV-22

Origin: Naharkatia, Assam, India

Cultivation: Sun-Grown

ProcessingWithered, Rolled, Oxidised, Dried

Classic Assam Black Tea

  • 1.5g of our classic Assam black tea can be rebrewed up to 3 times without losing flavour.


    This means that you can make over 99 brews with 50g working out at just 11p per cup!