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  • What Temperature Should I Brew My Tea?
    We’ve spent years perfecting the brewing times and temperatures for each tea, so that you may replicate the science of mindful tea-making in the comfort of your own home. Each tea on our website comes with its own precise brewing instructions - and whilst we test these monthly to ensure that any changes from storage or ageing are accounted for, we still welcome experimentation! As a guide, we recommend: Gokou Matcha: 75°C/ 165°F Broken Silver Pu'erh: 100°C/ 212°F, 50 seconds Genmaicha Popcorn Tea: 70°C/ 160°F, 50 seconds Classic Assam Black: 100°C/ 212°F, 80 seconds Welsh Cake Tea: 100°C/ 212°F, 50 seconds Of course, we recommend that you steep it in one of our 500ml teapots, but we're biased ;)
  • What Do I Brew My Tea In?
    We highly recommend that you brew your tea in a glass teapot. This way, you can see the leaves as they open up and reach their full potential, and you can accurately judge the colour of the liquid. We also like traditional Asian teapots and those cute porcelain ones that people drink during British afternoon tea. If you’re brewing your tea as part of a ceremony, then a Gaiwan is recommended to ensure that the tea is never over-brewed. If you decide on brewing with a metal strainer, please bear in mind that the larger the strainer, the better the flavour! This is because with a large strainer, the leaves are allowed to billow out and unfurl to their natural size, releasing all that good stuff.
  • How Many Times Can I Steep My Tea?
    As many times as you like! Some teas, such as pu’erhs, have flavours which develop with each brewing, opening up to a whole plethora of flavours which will keep you intrigued until the end. Other teas such as white tea may only be steeped two or three times, but the flavour is relatively steady throughout it all - and can even be continued drinking the next day. At the end of it all, the amount of times that you can steep your tea is up to personal preference!
  • How Should I Store My Tea?
    We recommend an air-tight container that is kept away from sunlight, moisture, and heat. Tins are perfect for this.
  • How Long Will My Tea Last After Opening It?
    Technically, it will last forever. Tea never 'goes off', but it will lose flavour over time, so the sooner you drink it, the better. Saying that, teas such as come pu'erhs age like fine wine - so if you want to leave that in the back of your cupboard for the next 30 years, go for it!
  • Does My Tea Contain Any Artificial Ingredients?
    Goodness, no! There’s nothing in your tea apart from pure, natural leaf, grown in idyllic conditions - after all, isn’t that what you came here for?
  • Do You Have Any Decaffeinated Tea?
    We do actually sell three different types of tisanes (herbal tea)! There's a wild rooibos which is sweet, earthy, and has a little honey aftertaste. Then, there's a sweet Malawian spearmint which is perfectly smooth and well-rounded. And finally, we have a bright lemon verbena which is crisp, refreshing, and divinely citrus. We hope you love them just as much as we do :)
  • Does My Tea Contain Any Added Sugar?
    None. Zilch. Zero. We know that an overwhelming number of tea companies DO contain added sugar, so you have the right to be suspicious. But rest assured, we stay away from all that. In our opinion, pure, single-origin teas with no added sugars or nasties are the way to go!!
  • How do I pronounce Eisa?
    Eisa is pronounced 'eye-sah' and comes from Myōan Eisai, an old Japanese monk and tea legend. We talk a little more about his (and our) story HERE :)
  • What Makes Eisa Tea Co. Different?
    Oh, you mean apart from our plans to revolutionise the tea industry and change it from the inside out? Well, where do we begin! Traditionally, tea is one of the most exploitative industries in the world - but as massive tea lovers, we simply couldn't stand by and drink tea which had been picked by people who were being taken advantage of. Nor did we want to support the direct degradation of our planet and it's natural resources. And so, to begin with, we are a ZERO PLASTIC company - because honestly, who needs plastic these days? We don't want to be held responsible for the demise of the planet, no thank you. We stand up for sustainable agriculture! We source our teas from wild tea trees and family gardens, where it's imperative that the land is taken good care of. The trees are fed with delicious mountain water, are naturally pesticide and chemical free, and the land is never overworked. Our supply chain is short and sweet. We HEAVILY disagree with the concept of buying from brokers and wholesalers, because not only would this take away the profits from our real heroes (the tea farmers themselves), but all that flying around the tea is pretty bad for the environment. We are a WOMAN-OWNED, WOMEN-ORIENTATED business. This means that we empower women on our tea farms, encouraging management positions. We strongly believe in creating relationships, trust, and friendships with our tea farmers. We make sure that our lovely ladies are SEEN, HEARD, and UNDERSTOOD. We are the UK's FIRST vegan sticky chai - which is kind of insane, considering how absolutely delicious it is. We don't quite understand why no one else had thought of it before, but gosh dang it, vegans need good tea, too! We're also a fiercely Welsh business, and love everything to do with our wonderful country. Not only does this mean that we created the world's FIRST Welsh Cake tea, but it also means that you can often find us hanging around Welsh food festivals and events, loitering outside Welsh magazine offices angling for a feature, and constantly promoting our beautiful - and yet often overlooked - country. And a-finally, we're a hella transparent business. Honestly, ask us anything 0:)
  • Do You Make Custom Blends?
    OMG we've never been asked that before! But sure, reach out to us and we'll figure something out together :)
  • Where Do You Source Your Tea?
    As an ethical and transparent tea business, we are mighty glad that you asked! We source our teas from small family gardens in Yunnan, Assam, Kyoto, and East and South Africa, where each and every tea leaf is grown to perfection - from tea masters that truly understand the needs of the plant. The same can be said about the spices we use in our tea blends - each farmer lives on a small, pesticide-free farm (some of which are just in their back garden!), where the family has been tending the land for generations. To learn more about the farmers that produced the very cup you’re drinking, click HERE!
  • Are All Your Teas Certified Organic?
    Organic yes, certified no. We source our tea directly from the farmers, who grow their beautiful tea leaves on healthy, nutrient-rich soil without the use of any nasty chemicals or pesticides. Whilst this does mean that the teas are 'organic', a lot of the time, it isn’t as easy as it sounds to get it certified. Organic certification can be very expensive to obtain, and some farmers simply do not prioritise it. Additionally, the distribution of these certificates can be very political and unfair in some countries. Most of our tea and spice farms hold organic certification, but not all of them do (see individual farmers). We can, however, promise that all of our farmers hold themselves to very high standards, and have the same beliefs as we do.
  • Are All Your Teas Fairtrade?
    We believe that it is our responsibility to pay our farmers well, not yours! 'Fairtrade' is a premium charged on top of the product price, which then goes directly to the managers of the farm (which sometimes trickles down to the farmers, but not always). This way, companies can look like they are treating their farmers well without having to cut into their own profits, or do any actual work. Simply, Fairtrade is nothing but a label - but we value our farmers more than that. Because of this, direct trade is the way to go. We have worked extremely hard to build relationships with our farmers and we value them all immensely. They receive the great wages they deserve (from our pockets, not yours), and all hold positions of power on their respective farms. They are valued, they are safe, they are paid generously for their hard work. And why not? After all, they're the real heroes in all of this.
  • How Do I Learn More About Tea?
    Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place! You should head over to our tea education page, aptly called THE TEA ON TEA, where we talk about how tea is processed, the origin of each type of tea, and share incredible legends and histories relating to this mystical beverage. Plus, every now and then we try out a new tea recipe which is sometimes a success!
  • Do You Ship Internationally?
    Of course we do! And we LOVE getting international orders - is there anything more exciting than sending tea from a small town in Wales out into the wider world?
  • Do You Offer Free Shipping?
    We offer free shipping on all orders over £50 ;)
  • Can I Cancel or Modify My Order?
    If you're quick! Please drop us an email within 24 hours of ordering and we can make any neccessary changes to your order.
  • Where Do You Ship From?
    We ship from our beautiful countryside town of Aberystwyth, Wales!
  • Why Does My Parcel Have Plastic in It?
    Sometimes, we receive items in the post that have been wrapped in bubble-wrap or other types of plastic, and whilst we try our very best to minimise it, it does happen. Rather than discard the plastic, we reuse it - and every now and then, we will use it to wrap glassware in your orders. We hope that you will do the same and continue to reuse it, so that it never has to be sent to landfill.
  • How Long Until My Tea is Delivered During Holiday Periods?
    During high-volume periods, your tea may take a little longer to get to you. You should expect an additional 3 to 8 days for your order to be delivered during holiday periods, so make sure to order early!
  • Can I Pick Up My Tea in Person?
    Sure, why not?! If you just so happen to find yourself in Aberystwyth, Wales, then we'd love to meet with you! We're always happy to hang out with other tea enthusiasts - so if we get to hand you your tea in person, run a cute little tea ceremony sesh, and call it "work", then we're all for it!
  • How Do I Contact Head Office?
    We don't have a Head Office, you silly goose! If you want to DM or email us, go ahead.
  • How Can I Stay Up to Date on New Tea Releases?
    Well, we are just TOUCHED that you would think to ask that! You can follow us on our Instagram and join our email list, where we will send you monthly updates, information on new tea releases, AND secret access to our tea events!
  • Your Website is Broken :')
    Oh no :( This is so sad, Alexa play Fix You by Coldplay. Please drop us an email and we'll get that sorted ASAP!
  • Do You Work With Influencers?
    Oh, you flatter us! We're not quite young nor cool enough to entirely understand how influencers work, but feel free to drop us a message detailing what it's all about.
  • You Guys Sound Sick! How Can I Meet You?
    Awe, you're too sweet <3 If you follow us on our Instagram then we'll be sure to update you on any events we'll be attending! Let's hang out and have a natter over some tea 0:)
  • I Have a Question That Hasn’t Been Answered :(
    Then come on over and hop into our DMs! We love answering questions about tea and talking about this wonderful beverage, so please, feel free to send us an email or reach out to us on social media: Instagram Twitter Facebook
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