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Edna Phiri

Tisane Farmer


Malawi, Africa

Favourite Tea/ Tisane:

Lemon Verbena!

Edna Phiri

Edna is the incredible farmer behind our lemon verbena, all the way in Thyolo, Malawi. She started harvesting lemon verbena with the idea that it would be an easy-growing crop - but as it happens, it was one of the most difficult that she’s ever worked with.


Not only are lemon verbena plants much more fragile than other neighbouring plants (such as spearmint), but they’re rather pernickety. However, Edna soon got the hang of it and now lemon verbena is one of the most popular crops on her plot.

She also grows onion, tomato, and maize; the latter of which she turns into her favourite maize-flower-based dish, Nsima. She has four children and spends her time helping them with homework, taking the family to church, and spending time with neighbours and friends.

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Latest Updates

July 2023

We have just spoken to Edna for the first time - we CANNOT wait to bring you her amazing lemon verbena!

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