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Mr. Limbani Chitseko

Tisane farmer


Malawi, Africa

Favourite Tea:

Anything light and bright!

Mr. Limbani Chitseko

Mr. Limbani Chitseko is an absolute legend. We found him through the Msuwadzi Small Holder Tea Growers Association, of which he was one of the founding farmers.

Even before he joined the association, Mr. Limbani knew that it was important to diversify his crop. Unlike other farmers in the area, he decided to plant peppermint, spearmint, and lemon verbena alongside one another. Not only did this mean that the land was healthier and avoided being overworked, but it also meant that the plants were stronger, more resilient, and tastier.

The one thing Mr. Limbani did not want to produce was a mono-crop which hurt the land.

He also has a unique "seven-day" plucking method. This means that every seven days, the plants will be picked, ensuring that they aren't over-harvested and that they have time to recuperate between each plucking. 

Now, Mr. Limbani is a fine example within the tea growers association, and teaches and inspires others about the industry. He knows the importance of picking his plants by hand, giving each crop the proper care, and treating the land with respect - and this means that his spearmint is, quite frankly, the best in the world.

eisa tea co_edited_edited.jpg

Latest Updates

September 2022

June 2022

Harvest time for the spearmint ends. After much hard work, it is ready to be shipped out to Eisa Tea Co. and shared with tisane lovers all across the globe!

The harvest time for spearmint begins. Now, the farm becomes real busy!

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