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The set includes one elemental matcha bowl (available in blue for water, red for fire, white for wind, and green for earth), one 40g pot of our popular ceremonial grade Gokou Matcha, and a handmade bamboo matcha whisk. What more could you need?


The flavour profile of the matcha is sweet and creamy with hints of cocoa and 'umami' - which means essence of deliciousness in Japanese. It was picked by our incredible farmer Akihiro Kita in Wazuka, Japan.


Our whisks are made by a 60-year old artisan called Mr. Tang, who leads a small folk workshop in China. Each whisk is carved with incredible love, skill, and knowledge.


And our bowls are handmade by Lizzie Croucher, a wonderful artisan with a knack of forming characterful chawans with big noses and cheeky smiles.


We hope you love this set just as much as we do!


Complete Handcrafted Matcha Set

£60.00 Regular Price
£45.00Sale Price