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Ethics and Sustainability


Eisa Tea Co. is a woman-owned tea business which stands for two main things: delicious tea and the fair treatment of tea farmers around the world.

Tea is undoubtedly our favourite drink, and we've found that the more you learn about the beverage, the more you fall in love with it. However, the opposite is true for the tea industry: the more you learn, the worse it gets; from environmental damage to the severe mistreatment of workers.

We work directly with small family-owned farms across China, Japan, and India, ensuring that each brew is:


  • 100% pesticide- and plastic-free

  • single-origin

  • supporting women in the tea industry

  • handcrafted with love, skill, and dedication


This means that you can enjoy a selection of the world’s finest teas whilst knowing that you’re supporting families across Asia. 


And of course, our own business here in Wales too. 


Our Promise to You

You refuse to drink tea which directly contributes to the degradation of our planet and its natural resources, and we respect that. As such, there are several promises that we make to you.


1) No plastic. Simply, there’s no need for plastic.

2) Sustainable agriculture. We source our teas from wild tea trees and family gardens where the trees are fed with mountain water and the land is chemical-free and treated with respect. 


3) Short supply chain. We purchase our tea directly from the farmers. This ensures that they get the profits they deserve and your tea has a small carbon footprint.

4) Family- and female-owned farms. Women generally make up the majority of tea pickers on farms, while the managers are men. This creates an uneven power dynamic which often results in sexual violence and the withholding of wages. We make sure that our lovely ladies are heard, protected, and in positions of authority. 


5) 100% transparent. Honestly, ask us anything. We bet we're the only tea company that will give you honest answers 0:)

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