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The Yu Family

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Curates our delicious Broken Silver Pu'erh


Yunnan, China

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A good quality Pu'erh!

The Yu Family

Yu Pu was a Dai woman seeking employment in Kuala Lumpur after divorcing her estranged spouse. She had three daughters, no formal qualifications, and the need to support her family. She washed cars, worked in hair salons - anything to try and make ends meet.


In desperation, Yu Pu approached her sister for guidance and direction. Her sister lived in the Yunnan Province of China and encouraged her to move to Yunnan. Her sister's husband, a local businessman, introduced her to tea trading – and from there, the story begins.


Finally, it seemed as though everything was working out. Yu Pu embraced her new life as a tea trader and could finally provide for her family.


Unfortunately, this respite didn’t last long. Her sister and her husband, who had helped her so much in the aftermath of her divorce, died in a car crash on the windy, mountainous roads of Yunnan.


Without her support system and industry connections, Yu Pu tapped into the only resources that she had: self-reliance and determination. 


This was a difficult time for the family - she was unable to visit her daughters more than once a year.


Despite these difficult times, Yu Pu was able to help her extended family. She employed her niece, Yu Bian, to maintain the store and serve tea to guests. Yu Bian was young and rebellious at first, but with Yu Pu's help, she grew into a seasoned entrepreneur - who today has her own factory. Now, this small-town girl has a nice home, a car and private health care for her ageing father. 


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Women in rural Yunnan rarely live this life of wealth and privilege. There is a lack of employment and access to education, with high numbers of domestic violence, addiction, and generational poverty. Divorce is still considered a societal stigma – which Yu Bian's mother, Yu Fong, also had to fight.


Recently divorced, Yu Fong went through similar struggles to Lu Pu - but was inspired by our farmer to then run her own tea business. This allowed her to change her life for the better.


The badass women in this family unit were unstoppable. Evenings often involved them putting on face masks and chatting away about the days’ laborious efforts while discussing important business details. 


Five years later, and Lu Pu's daughters were finally able to understand all the work that their mother had done for the family. The girls visited the wild tea trees, tried the tea… and everything fell into place.


This stable income from their work is a lifeline. It keeps the children in school, the family in employment, and the whole unit happy and secure.


Now, they produce our delicious Broken Silver tea - and it truly is something remarkable.


“Our vision is to make you a part of our tea family. A movement of people empowered to take control of their destiny with calm heads, cool minds and a spirit of wanderlust and adventure.”


Their tea is a heritage we share with you.   

Image by Peggie Mishra

Latest Updates

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March 2023

June 2022

May 2022

February 2022

It is harvest time! The leaves are growing quickly as the sun shines, making it the perfect time to pick the leaves.

Yu Pu's eldest daughter has her first radio appearance! After working as an actress, presenter, and emcee for the past few years, it seems this plucky lady has finally had her big break.

The rainy season begins! The sweet, static, and earthy aromas of the rain impart themselves in the tea - meaning that the next harvest is going to be especially delicious!

Chinese New Year is celebrated in Yunnan and the surrounding province. The local town becomes alive with beautiful lanterns, mouthwatering food, and those little red packages that everyone loves to receive!

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