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Laurence Edwards: The Honey Man

You may have tried our Sticky Masala Chai and wondered what exactly makes it so sticky. Well, the answer is honey - specifically, from a family in North Wales.

Black Mountain Honey is a bee farming business located just up the road from our office. It is run by Laurence Edwards (the bee farmer) and Helen Bresser (head of sales and marketing), and we chose them because we 100% love and support everything they do.

Not only do they offer delicious honey from happy bees, but they also remain true to our own ethics.

To quote Laurence,

​We are committed to striving towards zero carbon beekeeping, measuring our environmental impact and capturing our carbon footprint. We understand the journey towards zero carbon status is a difficult one, but we are committed to stand by our values and look at reducing our carbon footprint, wherever possible.

Not just that, but the family has a passion for increasing biodiversity and improving pollinator habitats across North Wales - something that we can really get behind! They're big on bee education and have a sick YouTube channel where they post a whole load of tutorials and bee-related videos.

We use their runny Welsh wildflower honey in our Sticky Masala Chai blend due to the light floral aroma and sweet taste. It goes perfectly with the black tea and spices that we use to make up the rest of the brew!

Made from the pollen and nectar of a variety of trees, apiaries, and shrubs across North Wales, the honey is then cold extracted, filtered, and left unpasteurised, ensuring that the vital micronutrients aren't removed. Depending on the season, it might have notes of heather, blackberry, lime, willowherb, clover, cherry, lavender, pear, or cherry.

Frankly, we couldn't think of a better family to produce honey for our Sticky Masala Chai. Next time you have a brew, see if you can tell which flowers the bees have been visiting!


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